The Simply Irresistible Girl

We are an eCommerce business that sells fashion designs and personalized products to small businesses and customers.

The Simply Irresistible Girl is an eCommerce business that sells fashion and personalized designs to customers and small businesses. Our clients can literally be anyone. Our clients range from store owners, professionals, the regular persons, to businesses. We have years of experience and all our products are delivered to you.

The Simply Irresistible Girl sells trendy, modern, fashionable, cool, and fun personalized merchandise on platforms such as Redbubble, Spring, Storenvy, Wish Merch, Amazon Merch, and Zazzle.

In addition, we also provided promotional products, items, and merchandise to small businesses and customers.

Our goal is to satisfy our customers all over the world by providing quality promotional/ personalized products that are unique from others.

Small Businesses or Customers can send a request to us via our Contact Form. We would then take their requests and ensure that the promotional products are in our Product Catalog.

Once these products or items are in our Product Catalog, we proceed with the designs. Designs are drafted and sent to clients. Once our clients approved these designs of their choice or liking. We then proceed with designing of the product or products. Once the design process is completed, our customers can place their orders. Once these orders are placed, our suppliers make the products and then deliver these products to our clients.

I was absolutely pleased with the customized products I brought from this business.

John Sullivan
Tax Lawyer

Alicia Sullivan


Alicia Sullivan is the President, of The Simply Irresistible Girl. The Simply Irresistible Girl is an eCommerce business that sells customized and personalized products to small businesses and customers. We provide services to the following categories:












-kids, and 


These products and services are personally designed by Alicia Sullivan. We do promotional work, but the minimum number of products that can be ordered is 24. We start with a minimum of 24 products for promotional requests. Customers and Clients can request our product catalogs, to know what products we can put designs on.

The business can be found on different eCommerce platforms such as Spring, Zazzle, Storenvy, Wish, Redbubble, and Amazon Merch.